Duties of Water Park Lifeguard

A water park can be defined as ‘a fun park that consists of a large outdoor area with swimming pool, lazy rivers, water slides, splash pads, water playgrounds and other barefoot environments. Lifeguard is often defined as an expert swimmer who rescues the bathers who gets difficulty in swimming in the swimming pool or at the beach. Lifeguard duty is to save the swimmers if they are in danger.

Their duty is to make sure that the swimmers are save. Life guard are strong swimmers and are trained in first aid. In some areas, life guards involve the part of the emergency services.

A large area which includes several different pool and swimming equipment and the swimmers pays to use them. And the lifeguard people are there to rescue the swimmers if they are in danger. Life guard may function as the primary EMS provider. A life guard is responsible for the safety of the swimmers in the area of water, such as beach next to an ocean or lake. Lifeguards also takes on this responsibility that although they may be volunteers.

Duties and Responsibilities of Lifeguards

Lifeguards includes many duties and responsibilities which they perform. They provide emergency care and treatment as required until the arrival of emergency medical services.

They act immediately to secure safety of swimmers in the event of emergency. All guards must be capable of performing various water rescues and first aid on any patron that enters the park. In addition, they are also responsible for the upkeep of the park. An extreme and important part of their job is safety. They must explain the safety rules to swimmers and enforce them for swimming. They make sure that the swimmers are following the rules of safety and no one is having trouble.

The Benefits of becoming a Lifeguard

The benefits of becoming a lifeguard are following:

  1. It increases communication and people skills.
  2. It improves self-confidence.
  3. It possesses desirable skills for future careers.
  4. It develops leadership skills.
  5. Lifeguards works as a part of team.

What is Spa Lifeguards ?

A lifeguard is actually a saver who monitors the safety and protection of visitors such as surfers, swimmers, spa costumers and other sports participants such as in a spa, pool, water park, beach or river.

Lifeguards are experts in swimming and these lifeguards are trained in first aid, certified in water rescuer as they know lot of tricks to cover up and deal with the situation using a variety of tools and equipment depending on intensity of their specific problem on venue.

There are many areas where lifeguards are member of the emergency services squad to accidents and incidents and in some specific areas the lifeguards are also available on hill stations to rescue tourists or may work as help provider.


A spa is a meditation place to give medical baths to people with mineral rich or spring water or usually with sea water as the sea water has salt and minerals in large amount.

Spa resorts which also counts hot springs resorts or spa towns normally provides different other health treatments such as massage, etc. Spas are very popular globally, especially in Europe and Japan. These spas also offer various types of personal care treatments

Spa Lifeguards:

Lifeguards are responsible for the protections of people in water areas and spas. In spas people take extra time in the bath which cause intense headache and further result in instability while walking and standing.

Lifeguards have various tricks and skills to keep the situation calmed. This is what they are trained for and hired for. They give first aid to the effected person and further forward him to hospital. But their first priority is to make sure that no harm comes to any participant in the area which comes under their responsibilities.

Usually lifeguards are hired on salary for such responsibilities, but they can also be volunteers to serve and protect humanity.

What is Lifeguard ?

A Lifeguard is a rescuer who takes the responsible to save the people’s life from an incident. The lifeguards are made very strong very strong through trainings, they know very well how to save the life of people and how to protect them from horrible incidents. In some areas, lifeguard provides an emergency services system for saving people’s life.

1. Lifeguard in Swimming:

The lifeguard system plays a very important role in swimming. Life guards and swimming instructors watch and teach swimmers at public and private pools, beaches or private resorts etc. One of the greatest responsibilities is preventing injuries and around of water. Instructors teach swimmers of all ages; technique of water rescue, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid.


Lifeguards are often trained with different types of life saving skills. Every trainer trains the life guard of different styles and endorses the different skills, depending on the organisation skills, depending on the facility, in which they would be put to use such as river faculty, health of the pools, a water park facility and or a beach.

2. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

A series of chest, lifeguard compresses the chest of adult for circulate the blood in adult body. Lifeguard uses the two hands on the chest. Lifeguard compresses the chest consist of thirty seconds.

3. Emergency Oxygen Administration

Swimmer lifeguard provides the oxygen for breathing to the human who drowns into the water. Lifeguard consists of all the things for help of humans. Swimmers lifeguards are considered responsible for the safety of the people in an area of water. Lifeguard often takes responsibility upon works, although they can also be volunteers. The condition resulting drowning are summarised by the “drowning chain” each link directly to an incident.

So, Lifeguard plays a very important role in our lives. They protect us all the times. When we in trouble, they help us and save our lives. So, there is a big relationship of lifeguards with us.