Affordable Health Insurance in Different States

Every state of America has a different kind of health insurance that you can avail according to your state. In this article, you can find the health insurance rules and some facts state-wise.

  • Affordable Health insurance in California

If we talk about California, there are three types of affordable insurance plans that the Government offers. Here is the list of those health insurance programs provided by the California government. 

  • Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP)

This is the best and affordable health insurance plan that the government offers. This is primarily for the customers that can not purchase the health insurance plans. All they have to do is to see if they are compatible with this program. 

  • Healthy Families Program

This is the program in which they provide healthcare facilities at a little cost. This program is basically for the children whose parents earn good enough to qualify for public assistance. 

  • Access for Infants and Mothers Program (AIM)

As the name suggests, this health insurance plan is for a mother that is pregnant and earns less income in California. A boarding team of five members assists the patient. This program consists of a lot of benefits for pregnant women for a long time. 

  • Affordable health insurance in Florida

If you are a citizen of Florida, then there are the following options that you can consider.

  • If a person in Florida loses the employer’s group, health insurance can qualify for COBRA continuation coverage.
  • If any Floridian remains uninsured for six months, it can get a limited healthcare plan through Cover Florida.
  • There is another program called the Florida Medicaid program, through which the people who have a low income can get help. Through this program, families with children, pregnant women, medically needy, disabled, and elderly individuals may get help. 
  • Not only this, but Florida also has the Kidcare program, through which the children under 19 can get help.
  • Federal tax credit in Florida is for the citizens for the health care benefits who have lost their health insurance contracts. 
  • Affordable Health insurance in the state of Virginia

If you are living in the state of Virginia, then you can get the following healthcare benefits in the form of health insurance. 

  • The citizens of the state Virginia can qualify for Cobra insurance plan in Virginia.
  • One of the best parts of health insurance in Virginia is that they can buy health plans from  Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield or CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • The state of Virginia also has the health Medicaid program, and every Virginian can avail of this health insurance plan with low household income. Moreover, families with children, medically needy, elderly, and disabled individuals may get help.
  • Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS) is a program for children under 18. Through these programs, children under 18 get the benefits of health insurance for free. 
  • Breast cancer is prevalent nowadays and needs severe treatment worth thousands of dollars. In Virginia, each health insurance program includes the free treatment of breast cancer. 

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