All About Affordable Health Insurance Plans

When someone searches for health insurance online, the first and foremost thing that comes in his or her mind that he should care about the price too. The priority of most of the customers is to get the cheapest health insurance, and they end up losing their money, and that cheap insurance gives them no benefits.

 Now taking this point into account, health insurance companies have taken advantage and targeted such people with cheap, worthless insurance plans. And what people do is take a look at the price and take that health insurance plan, in short, they know nothing about the plan features and terms.

In this article, you will get a good idea of affordable health insurance and believe me, that will be worth buying. 

Options available for affordable Health Insurance

Being a customer, you should shop around and look for the best option online. If you are good at searching for the best, then that will be the best option as the Government provides the best health insurance so that you can get the benefits of your taxes. So, you should search for the health insurance plans in your area before consulting any type of cheap health insurance outside your sector. 

Why should you choose a Government based Insurance Plan?

There are some solid reasons behind this statement. You can trust on Government for your money and health as you do for your residence and protection. So any health insurance plan by Government is entirely worth to take. If there is no cheap health insurance by the Government in your area, then you can look for the other health insurance providing companies. 

You can find the health insurance companies online that are individually working in your state. Internet is the best solution for that.

Affordable Health Insurance in Different States

Every state of America has a different kind of health insurance that you can avail according to your state. In this article, you can find the health insurance rules and some facts state-wise.

  • Affordable Health insurance in California

If we talk about California, there are three types of affordable insurance plans that the Government offers. Here is the list of those health insurance programs provided by the California government. 

  • Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP)

This is the best and affordable health insurance plan that the government offers. This is primarily for the customers that can not purchase the health insurance plans. All they have to do is to see if they are compatible with this program. 

  • Healthy Families Program

This is the program in which they provide healthcare facilities at a little cost. This program is basically for the children whose parents earn good enough to qualify for public assistance. 

  • Access for Infants and Mothers Program (AIM)

As the name suggests, this health insurance plan is for a mother that is pregnant and earns less income in California. A boarding team of five members assists the patient. This program consists of a lot of benefits for pregnant women for a long time. 

  • Affordable health insurance in Florida

If you are a citizen of Florida, then there are the following options that you can consider.

  • If a person in Florida loses the employer’s group, health insurance can qualify for COBRA continuation coverage.
  • If any Floridian remains uninsured for six months, it can get a limited healthcare plan through Cover Florida.
  • There is another program called the Florida Medicaid program, through which the people who have a low income can get help. Through this program, families with children, pregnant women, medically needy, disabled, and elderly individuals may get help. 
  • Not only this, but Florida also has the Kidcare program, through which the children under 19 can get help.
  • Federal tax credit in Florida is for the citizens for the health care benefits who have lost their health insurance contracts. 
  • Affordable Health insurance in the state of Virginia

If you are living in the state of Virginia, then you can get the following healthcare benefits in the form of health insurance. 

  • The citizens of the state Virginia can qualify for Cobra insurance plan in Virginia.
  • One of the best parts of health insurance in Virginia is that they can buy health plans from  Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield or CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • The state of Virginia also has the health Medicaid program, and every Virginian can avail of this health insurance plan with low household income. Moreover, families with children, medically needy, elderly, and disabled individuals may get help.
  • Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS) is a program for children under 18. Through these programs, children under 18 get the benefits of health insurance for free. 
  • Breast cancer is prevalent nowadays and needs severe treatment worth thousands of dollars. In Virginia, each health insurance program includes the free treatment of breast cancer. 

Pros and Cons of Group Health Insurance


  • The first and the most significant advantages are about the premium of the insurance. The employer will contribute 50% of the bonus.
  • In that manner, you will get a great health plan after paying a lesser premium than buying an individual health plan from the market.
  • You may have to put your dependents on individual health plans in the case to qualify them.
  • They will accept all members who have a high medical cost. Because in group health insurance, it is not medically underwritten.
  • Another significant advantage of group health premium is for large families they will pay the same premium as small families
  • Whereas in an individual health plan, every single family member has to pay per head premium, but group health insurance will allow you to add them in your employer’s plan, and you might get a better deal for them.
  • If anyone has a medical condition that is suppressing them to get individual health insurance, then group health insurance is an excellent protection for them.
  • If any of the parents are planning to have more children, they will get more value coverage in group health insurance.
  • It is true that the bigger the group, the bigger the risk pool is in which to share the risk, which can commence lowering premiums than are willingly available in the individual health industry. For example, a large company with Good gains will keep employees for long periods. Eventually, the average age of the group begins to creep upward and so do Premiums

It has been observed that most people are attracted to big plans as they’re guaranteed issue with excellent coverage. And so, with time, not only is that the team’s average age climbing, but the group can be attracting employees with substantial expected health costs. This is the issue we see with valuable health programs such as the U.S. auto-makers as well as government programs. Finally, People who have a lot of healthcare needs start to reevaluate those with minimum requirements, and therefore, premiums are pushed higher and higher.


  • In some conditions, individuals, plans can be more affordable and less expensive than group health insurance due to the premium factor.
  • If you get terminated by your employer or in any situation, it would be big trouble for you and your family, and you will have to face many financial issues.
  • After the termination, you might have to find another job with the same services, or you might have to get a government insurance policy if you are not insurable, which is an exhausting task.
  • The premiums of group health insurance are increasing day by day because they are attracting many high cost medical and providing a guarantee issue.
  • The prices do not remain stable in group health insurance. You have to adjust your self within their terms and conditions.

As you can see, there’s not any clear cut answer as to which kind of insurance the answer depends on several variables and is different For every exceptional situation. Consider your health insurance choices — get decent advice from an experienced medical insurance advisor.

Health Insurance for small Businesses

To get health insurance as a small business owner is not that easy. You already are struggling for making your business a maximum profitable firm by cutting the expenses short. But do you know that health insurance plays a vital role in the success of your business? You may not see it directly, but the health benefits for your employees will directly affect your business. Plus, your business reputation increases with time, thus the employees. In short, health insurance for your business employees is a dominant factor for your office culture and status. 

Before jumping into the health insurance thing for the organization. You should do keep research that, how it works for a business. Without the proper knowledge, you may not be able to choose the best suitable insurance plan for your business employees. 


This stands for preferred provider option. In this type of health insurance, the organization that provides health insurance to you will give you proper consultation of the doctors and professionals. The doctor is chosen, and you and your employees will not be served if they will visit any doctor outside the zone. 

This is not the significant kinds of Health insurance, as most of the health insurance provides this as an option. And you can also offer this as an option for your employees. 

Now the question is what will be covered in this health insurance? Well, it includes regular visits to the doctors that are in the network of the health insurance provider. If the case is severe and the employee has to be admitted in the ICU or emergency, then PPO works on co-pay, means it covers 60-70% of the total cost and the rest has to be paid by the employee.

PPO is the best option for the employees who want to get the maximum salary but also the health benefits. 

What to Consider Before purchasing Health insurance?

Before entering a new field, you always get afraid, and this is human nature. Same goes for health insurance. So, you must get out and do some research on what should be considered before purchasing health insurance. No doubt, health insurance is necessary; it has been observed that a large number of bankruptcies are held due to the sudden medical bills. So health insurance is a safe option here. 

Now the real dilemma is not the health insurance abundancy, but the lack of knowledge about health insurance. According to recent studies, the guarantees that are being sold as the “cheap insurances” are worthless if scan deeply. They have nothing to offer besides the sugar coating. So, this is the reason that you need knowledge of health insurances before purchasing one for yourself or your family. 

You are lucky that you are living in the era of the internet. You can get every minor detail for any health insurance online. But you can not evaluate just by a copy by any Health insurance brand. You have to dig deep to find out the real perks and terms for that health insurance. Most of the people do not read the terms and conditions and end up losing their insurance money. Here are some things that you have to look before purchasing health insurance. 

  • Rank your health insurance requirement according to your needs. 
  • Consult your doctor about your current health conditions.
  • Don’t choose your health insurance based on the cost.
  • Now it’s time to find the coverage that suits your health need. You can see that by shopping around, or you can search online. 
  • Do you know about the health savings account? Consider to contact them to have a discount on your health insurance.