Pros and Cons of Group Health Insurance


  • The first and the most significant advantages are about the premium of the insurance. The employer will contribute 50% of the bonus.
  • In that manner, you will get a great health plan after paying a lesser premium than buying an individual health plan from the market.
  • You may have to put your dependents on individual health plans in the case to qualify them.
  • They will accept all members who have a high medical cost. Because in group health insurance, it is not medically underwritten.
  • Another significant advantage of group health premium is for large families they will pay the same premium as small families
  • Whereas in an individual health plan, every single family member has to pay per head premium, but group health insurance will allow you to add them in your employer’s plan, and you might get a better deal for them.
  • If anyone has a medical condition that is suppressing them to get individual health insurance, then group health insurance is an excellent protection for them.
  • If any of the parents are planning to have more children, they will get more value coverage in group health insurance.
  • It is true that the bigger the group, the bigger the risk pool is in which to share the risk, which can commence lowering premiums than are willingly available in the individual health industry. For example, a large company with Good gains will keep employees for long periods. Eventually, the average age of the group begins to creep upward and so do Premiums

It has been observed that most people are attracted to big plans as they’re guaranteed issue with excellent coverage. And so, with time, not only is that the team’s average age climbing, but the group can be attracting employees with substantial expected health costs. This is the issue we see with valuable health programs such as the U.S. auto-makers as well as government programs. Finally, People who have a lot of healthcare needs start to reevaluate those with minimum requirements, and therefore, premiums are pushed higher and higher.


  • In some conditions, individuals, plans can be more affordable and less expensive than group health insurance due to the premium factor.
  • If you get terminated by your employer or in any situation, it would be big trouble for you and your family, and you will have to face many financial issues.
  • After the termination, you might have to find another job with the same services, or you might have to get a government insurance policy if you are not insurable, which is an exhausting task.
  • The premiums of group health insurance are increasing day by day because they are attracting many high cost medical and providing a guarantee issue.
  • The prices do not remain stable in group health insurance. You have to adjust your self within their terms and conditions.

As you can see, there’s not any clear cut answer as to which kind of insurance the answer depends on several variables and is different For every exceptional situation. Consider your health insurance choices — get decent advice from an experienced medical insurance advisor.

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