What is Lifeguard ?

A Lifeguard is a rescuer who takes the responsible to save the people’s life from an incident. The lifeguards are made very strong very strong through trainings, they know very well how to save the life of people and how to protect them from horrible incidents. In some areas, lifeguard provides an emergency services system for saving people’s life.

1. Lifeguard in Swimming:

The lifeguard system plays a very important role in swimming. Life guards and swimming instructors watch and teach swimmers at public and private pools, beaches or private resorts etc. One of the greatest responsibilities is preventing injuries and around of water. Instructors teach swimmers of all ages; technique of water rescue, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid.


Lifeguards are often trained with different types of life saving skills. Every trainer trains the life guard of different styles and endorses the different skills, depending on the organisation skills, depending on the facility, in which they would be put to use such as river faculty, health of the pools, a water park facility and or a beach.

2. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

A series of chest, lifeguard compresses the chest of adult for circulate the blood in adult body. Lifeguard uses the two hands on the chest. Lifeguard compresses the chest consist of thirty seconds.

3. Emergency Oxygen Administration

Swimmer lifeguard provides the oxygen for breathing to the human who drowns into the water. Lifeguard consists of all the things for help of humans. Swimmers lifeguards are considered responsible for the safety of the people in an area of water. Lifeguard often takes responsibility upon works, although they can also be volunteers. The condition resulting drowning are summarised by the “drowning chain” each link directly to an incident.

So, Lifeguard plays a very important role in our lives. They protect us all the times. When we in trouble, they help us and save our lives. So, there is a big relationship of lifeguards with us.

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