What is Spa Lifeguards ?

A lifeguard is actually a saver who monitors the safety and protection of visitors such as surfers, swimmers, spa costumers and other sports participants such as in a spa, pool, water park, beach or river.

Lifeguards are experts in swimming and these lifeguards are trained in first aid, certified in water rescuer as they know lot of tricks to cover up and deal with the situation using a variety of tools and equipment depending on intensity of their specific problem on venue.

There are many areas where lifeguards are member of the emergency services squad to accidents and incidents and in some specific areas the lifeguards are also available on hill stations to rescue tourists or may work as help provider.


A spa is a meditation place to give medical baths to people with mineral rich or spring water or usually with sea water as the sea water has salt and minerals in large amount.

Spa resorts which also counts hot springs resorts or spa towns normally provides different other health treatments such as massage, etc. Spas are very popular globally, especially in Europe and Japan. These spas also offer various types of personal care treatments

Spa Lifeguards:

Lifeguards are responsible for the protections of people in water areas and spas. In spas people take extra time in the bath which cause intense headache and further result in instability while walking and standing.

Lifeguards have various tricks and skills to keep the situation calmed. This is what they are trained for and hired for. They give first aid to the effected person and further forward him to hospital. But their first priority is to make sure that no harm comes to any participant in the area which comes under their responsibilities.

Usually lifeguards are hired on salary for such responsibilities, but they can also be volunteers to serve and protect humanity.

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